The Display is All Done to our Client

Today is a big news for display showcase suppliers Kong-da,the display is all finished,we chatted with this client almost 6 months,then he chose us.


This is our first cooperation,he didn’t visit us,but bought the display from us,he told me that because of my persistence,though the first time,he told me that he store had not opened,and he didn’t know when he needed the display,I didn’t give up,always chatted with him,when he needs the display,I am the first one he knows,then choose us.

I learned a lot from this business,for each client,we need have patience,keep in touch with them,maybe they don’t need the product now,but when they need,they can remember you first.


He is very satisfied with our products,said to me that he will place more orders from us again.


Our company are getting better and better now.More and more clients will know us and our high quality products.