Our Advantages

Our Display Furniture Application Area:

Shopping Mall, Cosmetic Store,Brand Store, Fashion Shop, Boutique, Flagship Store, Chain Store, Department Store, Retail store, Exclusive store, Franchise Store, Airport Duty-free Shop and etc.

Display Furniture

Experienced Design Team:

We have a design team with more 14 years experience.our designers can take a sketch to a 3D Solid Works model or live prototype quickly. We do planing ,design & decorating for shops,mall kiosks,exhibitions rooms,showrooms and other retail unit. Our senior designers leading the fashional design trend and give you the best design .

Facilities & Advantages :

We have advanced Carpentry Workshop,Painting Workshop,Organic Workshop, Installation Workshop,Packing Workshop,Hardware Workshop.We always introduce the high quality products to our clients, most of our materials are imported from Europe, such as wood processing machinery, laser engraving machine, fire board, paint, veneer etc. We are strict with the selection of materials, process control, that is why we own a good reputation in this field.

Display Furniture Factory

We always make sure the quality of our products by following aspects.

High quality material

1) High quality material:E1 MDF( the best standard), extra white tempered glass, LED light, stainless steel, acrylic etc.

Rich experience workers

2) Rich experience workers: More than 80% of our workers have over 8 years experience.

Strict Quality Control

3) Strict Quality Control: During the manufacturing, our quality control department will take inspection 4 times: after wooden, after painting, after glass before shipping, every time check, will send the production for you on time, and you also welcome to come to check it.